"It’s somewhat odd, leaving a message behind like this. But if I don’t. I suspect Mahiro will have a fit. It may be in this form, but it will be my final message to you. I assume that you have already defeated the Tree of Genesis. But due to numerous unforeseen circumstances, there may be significant challenges in the aftermath. Please do what you can to help overcome them, Yoshino-san and Mahiro. Indeed, I am about to die because I have faith that you two can do this.

Yoshino-san, I’m sure that dating me must have been difficult. Not only did you have to deal with my personality, but with Mahiro as my older brother, it must have been tiring. But because of you, I was able to enjoy my days. For making me feel that I had someone who didn’t fear me, someone to believe in, I thank you. Even if you had discovered that I am the mage of Exodus, I believe you would have still called me “Aika-chan.”

And you, Mahiro. I’m grateful that when I was with you, I felt like a normal little sister. You always took care of me and worried about me, even though there was no need for such concern. But it was a very nice feeling. Mahiro…don’t give Yoshino-san a hard time for dating me. We thought if we didn’t hide it, we wouldn’t have been able to. I’m sure you’re annoyed, so I allow you to hit Yoshino-san up to three times.

There is no need to mourn my death. I am the mage of Exodus. The actors on stage cannot ignore their scripts and do as they wish. If they make a beautiful exit, I feel they fulfill their role. So please, both of you, don’t dwell on my death. Have happy lives. I received time that should have been unattainable to the mage of Exodus thank to you two. Because of that, I have no regret in welcoming death.

Well then, as a special bonus feature, I shall show you my naked body. I was only joking. Were you excited? Then please, take care.”

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